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GMDR Graphic and Analytic Software provides:

  • Visualization and Analysis of large sets of internal ballistics data.
  • Providing access to 50+ years of industry standard data
  • Robust computation of external ballistics in complex environments
  • Support for User ballistics data and automated collection thereof
  • Development and Analysis of new Wildcat cartridges
  • All Designed with the end user in mind

Designed by scientists to satisfy the needs of an increasingly technologically oriented community.

GMDR Educational Software provides:

  • Tools to enhance synchronous analytical Math teaching at the distance (ASP)
  • Tools to help the student analyse the functions' graph
  • Full arithmetic calculator
  • Graphing of functions in rectangular, polar and parametric systems
  • Select and click analysis of intersection of functions, real roots, maxima and minima.
  • Regression studies of entered data sets
  • Algebra of Matrices
  • Japanese Learning Tools

Designed to enhance the learning process with the needs of the students and the instructors in mind.